Harmonious inter-relationships with shared purpose, vision, and goals. Now that's teamwork!

Harmonious inter-relationships with shared purpose, vision, and goals. Now that's teamwork!


It all started when...

I got exhausted listening to friends complain about their cowardly manager, the ridiculous rules and processes at work, the experiences of workplace conflict, and their daily disillusionment with their life-sucking places of employment! Everywhere I went, I heard people talking about how unhappy they were to be working where they were working.

So I started gathering information and reading bunches and bunches of books, articles, blogs, etc. about workplace improvements that changed the quality of teams, developed renewed passion for the vision, and inspired commitment for the work. 

My passion is helping teams get excited again about what they do and who they do it with. You don't have to leave, you can change and grow!

“Teamwork begins by building trust. And the only way to do that is to overcome our need for invulnerability.” – Patrick Lencioni

Situation: You're a part of a dysfunctional work team; rest assured that your team and your company are losing tons in lost productivity and revenue. The evidence shows that negative workplace stress, in the form of dysfunctional work teams:

  • Dysfunctional teams have higher numbers of absences per employee and higher absence severity rates
  • Dysfunctional teams experience higher error rates and accidents
  • Dysfunctional teams have lower productivity and quality scores

Task: You recognize the need to get more from your team; plus, you just realize that it is miserable to come into the office lately. 

Action: Therefore, you decide to seek help in improving the connection, communication, commitment, collaboration, and creativity for your team. You contact ReInspireYou and get the help you need!

Result: You sleep better, your team communicates better, collaborates better, enjoys each other more, and works together more effectively. Their production is up! Your profits are up! The workplace is harmonious again/for once! You're a hero to your team and to the company!